Welcome to Puno

Puno is the homeland of the birth place of the Incas, in addition few well-organized civilizations such as: the Tiahuanaco, the Lupacas, Collas and Ayma were stablished and survive for few centuries. Now days, Puno offers exceptional tour to Titicaca, visits to Taquile Island, Amantani island. Visit the gigantic burial tower of Sillustani, the tour to the floating island of Uros. Enjoy the adventure of Kayak, take tour to Aramu Muro or Hayu Marca, and visit the oldest birthplace of one the most remarkable culture Tiahuanaco. Take an exclusive tour to Suasi Island. Finally you might stumble on of the most vibrant event of carnival in February in honour to the virgin of la Candelaria. This is one of the unique traditional party where gathers at least six thousand visitors from all over the world.

Visit Puno, the folkloric capital of Peru, where you will be amazed by its incredible sightseeing, navigate at the highest lake in the world.

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