Welcome to Paracas

Amazing journey along the Peruvian coast, Paracas played very important role during our history, it is well known as the birthplace of Paracas culture, the Peruvian flag, the famous brandy of Pisco, produced from muscat of all kind of grapes that is farmed in the valley of Pisco, Ica, Nazca, and Chincha. On this tour visit the pristine reserved area of Ballestas Island, where keep abundance of sea life, the national reserve area of Paracas, the unique view point of sealions, Paracas indeed is the area that maintain an endless resources. Travel along the desert, and you will end up at one of the most scenic sand dune, at this point the splendid view will amazed you.

Travel to Paracas and enjoy the natural wonder, sand, sun, waves, real gastronomy, indeed the place of ideal rest.

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