Welcome to Nazca

The city of Nazca, offers an incredible options of activities such as; the tour to the Nazca and Palpa lines, mysterious images made onto the desert floor of the barren area. The largest pyramid of Cahuachi, the sophisticated engineering system of Cantalloc aqueducts, the pre-Inca burial ground of Chauchilla cemetery, the natural reserved area of San Fernando bay, and Pampas Galeras, the petroglyphs of Chichitara, the highest dune in the world of Cerro Blanco 2,078MASL, the adventure tour to the Usaca dune and the sand dune of la Marcha. The adventure tour of mountain bike. Indeed Nazca, the land of richest history that will welcome you any time given you an unforgettable memory.

We invite you to visit the Nazca city, and flight over the Nazca and Palpa lines or perhaps climb to the highest dune in the world Cerro Blanco.

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