Welcome to Lima

The fifth largest city in South America, and thirtieth in the world, offers a great tours in and around of the city, the famous archaeological museums, theaters, stadiums, zoos and parks. The brilliant place let you enjoy the Peruvian real gastronomy. Explore its colonial street, plaza mayor, the government palace, the china town, the inquisition museum, the saint Franciscan convent, where the catacombs it is. Stroll around the residential area of Miraflores, the larco mar mall centre with a perfect view to the Costanera. Visit the temple of Pachacamac, considered the richest pre Inca building due to its massive architecture. The Tour in Lima is absolutely a perfect option to enrich your experience and have a real concept about it..

We invite you to enjoy and learn about its incredible environment, and the facts about how Lima developed.

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